I’m a busy mom and small business owner who stays active in our local community. My husband Chris is also an entrepreneur. We got married in 2012, bringing five children between the ages of 6 and 9 to our new life together. In the early days, we were told to be patient, as if our family would become one if we just waited for things to click.

Chris and I aren’t much for just waiting around for results. So, we have intentionally and methodically worked at building a family unit with our crew of seven. The result is Combined Chaos- the honest, humorous and still unfolding story of our blended family.

I’m passionate about sharing our imperfect life with you because I know there’s no playbook for family life. But we’ve developed tools and tactics that work for us, and we’ve learned some hard lessons that are worth sharing.

If you’re looking for validation about raising kids at any age, blending two families, or managing the demands and ideals of work and parenthood, my hope is that Combined Chaos becomes a safe place to land.

May it become a resource to find practical tools to manage schedules and expectations and feel validated in your struggles. And with five kids and a dog under one roof, there’s no shortage of laughs with our crew!